How to build a group of people into a team?

People are more than their performances if you know how to coach them effectively. The way of coaching one person is not the same as coaching a group of people. In group, we deal with group dynamics, different needs and behaviours, more layers of systems and cultures that each individual belongs to.

Group and Team Coaching enables people to think together, learn together, and solve problems together in ways that can be much more effective, creative and productive than alone or with just a few talented persons. We coach them to unleash their potentials and turn a group into a team.

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Banyak orang belum memahami jika ia memiliki goal dan langkah-langkah mencapainya belum tentu ia dapat mencapainya. Banyak faktor dalam pikirannya : keyakinan, nilai, emosi, state, excuse, aturan, larangan, identitas, harapan, imajinasi dan frames lain di dalam dirinya yang mencegahnya dari bergerak dan menyelesaikan masalah.

Banyak juga orang yang berhasil mencapai goal-nya, namun dengan menjadi work-acholic, hidup tanpa makna, kering, bahkan seperti zombie.

Di sinilah peran meta-coaching dalam membantu seseorang mengakses, mengeluarkan, dan mengorganisasikan potensi terbaiknya. Meta-Coaching membantu seseorang dan organisasi menjadi self-actualized.

Jika anda belum berkesempatan mengetahui atau mengikuti program-program meta-coaching, atau anda ingin mengetahui lebih banyak bagaimana aplikasi meta-coaching membantu kehidupan, inilah event yang tepat.



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Invitation to next level of Coaching!! Be a highly qualified, competent and professional Meta Coach. 

Who Need This Training:

  • Professionals (trainers, consultants, coaches, actors HR) who want to improve their skills and gain a new point of view in terms of human development through a series of conversational, structured and fast techniques
  • Entrepreneur, CEO, leader, manager who wants to develop him/herself or others for sustainable high working performance.

Why Meta-Coach:

  1. Simple and practical.
  2. Structured and focused conversation.
  3. Focusing on the heart of mind, transformation from inside out.
  4. Complete and competency-based. This training includes 5 Coaching Models and 7 Core Coaching Skills which will be practiced everyday in the training.
  5. Comprehensive, intensive and systematic training.
  6. With Coaching Lab. Every participants will practice and get measurable feedback directly that make learning effectively.
Event Date 14-03-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 21-03-2020 9:00 pm
Registration Start Date 29-03-2018 12:00 am
Cut off date 14-03-2020 12:00 am
Capacity 50
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Available place 50
Individual Price Rp60,000,000.00
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